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DISC Maps is managed by Justwork Hong Kong Limited, the official partner and Hong Kong Ambassador of Mapstell BV. All Guides and Navigators are licensed by Mapstell. Our Navigators are certified by the Headquarter at Amsterdam. In total there are over 300 Guide active in the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Spain and Germany. Justwork and Mapstell's partner at India are pioneers to bring Mapstell into the Asia in 2020. A total of 10 Navigators are delivering accreditation training in Chinese(Cantonese and Mandarin), Dutch, English, German, Indian and Spanish.

As an award-winning corporate training firm*, Justwork specialises in Leadership Development and Team Building. We partner with clients to help deliver key objectives through innovative experiential learning approach, i.e Team Building Activity, Innovative Training workshop and etc.

Our recognition: 

- Best Employee Engagement Services Provider - Gold 2019
- Best Executive Training Provider - Silver 2019
- Best Organisational Development Consultant - Silver 2018 Silver 2019
- Best Sales Training Provider - Silver 2018 Silver 2019
- Hong Kong Most Valuable Companies 2019 - Leader of Team Building and Corporate Training Innovation



People who works on an understanding World.


Kayley is Co-founder and Director of Justwork Hong Kong, TYCOON and DISC Maps. As an adventurer, she brings the DISC Based tool "MapsTell" from The Netherlands to Hong Kong and collaborate with a team of experienced L&D and Coaching professional to help people understand the world of difference.


Mya Kwan is a passionate facilitator and educator with a mission to inspire and be inspired. She believes we are on a never-ending learning journey together. Mya designs learning experiences across various industries, facilitates globally, and is driven to do purposeful work. Her programs are experiential, interactive, and insightful.


Engaging, Practical, Non-conventional - this is how participants describe Vegas' facilitation style. To her, it is all about the participants' needs and how she can help them get the most out of each engagement. She is always on top of the latest learning trend and practice, and emphasis on practicality and implementation more than anything. If you are tired of having participants on their phone, spacing out, or dozing off, then Vegas is your one.


A natural-born learner and giver. Fonnie Wong is an awarded Executive Coach and Trainer who believes that we are intrinsically learning and growing through people's connection in a caring and supportive context; it is the journey of understanding ourselves and others.


With a passion for innovation, people development, and living by the moto - "never settle", it has brought Jimmy decades of experience in training, coaching, and facilitation. He is always on the lookout for new, fun, engaging tools to bring to HR professionals, also for the people of today, to inspire, nourish, enhance the leaders of tomorrow.


Joscelin Yeung is an energetic trainer who believes that everyone is gifted in their own way. As a people-lover, she is fascinated by the diversities in people. She is innovative in training design and delivers workshops that are highly engaging, as she gets her energy by interacting with people from all walks of life, be it in the physical or virtual world.


Shiela Cancino is a Keynote Speaker, Scriptwriter, Lyricist, and Author of Pawn to Queen: Life's Chess and Quest.  She believes that we all have a gift.  And once unwrapped, like in Chess, we will transform from a pawn into a queen.


As a well-traveled and experienced professional leadership coach, Will has an appreciation of ‘people’ in their rawest and theatrical forms. Drawing from his instinctive yellow & red energy he applies his motto of ‘to do is to know’ to the situation beings we are in learning, developing and everyday life.


Mindy is a certified Executive Coach and experienced trainer. As a Specialist, she is valued for her expertise and reliability. Known for her authenticity and kindness, she is highly motivated and passionate in helping people grow and live out their full potential in what they truly believe in and desire.

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