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DISC could work well with both individual development or team development, including executive coaching, team coaching, corporate training, team building workshop and so on.

In coaching and training, the World of Difference is used as a floormat, where participants can literally travel over with their PersonalMap. The map invites you to discover more about your own behaviour and then, literally, step into someone else’s world, beyond the limits of the borders. By using this visual tool, participants gain insight into both their own and each other's behaviour in an accessible and particularly fun way.

Upon the completion of a quick questionnaire, you will receive your own PersonalMap. On your PersonalMap you will see the following 4 areas:
1. The Landscape of your Behaviour
2. Your Challenges
3. How do others see you?
4. How do you see yourself?

Below is a sample guide of How do you read your PersonalMap.

Too difficult? No worries!

There will be an explanation video along with a detailed report.


While PersonalMapping™ gives you a foundation of behavioural preference, we will bring you to the next level - zoom out to a complete World of Difference.

Before the workshop, each member of the team to complete their DISC assessment; to find their place in the World of Difference based on their individual behavioural styles. This is then used to create the unique "Team Map" , allowing everyone – especially Team Leaders – to see how they fit in with the others.

The Team Map shows at a glace the make-up of a group or department, and the different behavioural styles exhibited by the team members . In this way, the Team Map offers immediate and deep insights into why one team works well, with internal harmony, and why other groups or departments fail to function as smoothly.

And more important, to help the team improve dynamics and communication; and therefore - a better cooperation!

Below is a sample of a Team Map.

teammiro2 (high res).png



An important element of a team building session or workshop that uses DISC - MapsTell methodology is the facilitation process. You will need a Certified DISC Trainers (PersonalGuide) to facilitate the workshop; to make sure there will be a safe environment for everyone to contribute to the conversation, asks probing questions to deepen the conversation, and engage in the activity.

The workshop can be in a highly interactive in-person delivery format or virtual delivery. For small group or large group like 8 to 100+ per session.



  • Effective communication

  • Conflict resolution

  • Team dynamic and bonding

  • Team effectiveness

  • Motivating staff and improve morale


  • Create customer-centric interactions that improve performance

  • Strengthen the natural sales style 

  • Effective adaptation of customers’ preferences and expectations


  • Advanced communication techniques

  • Increase team productivity as a leader

  • Project management

  • Talent management

  • Maximise effectiveness and efficiency with individuals and team

  • Recruitment


  • Job coaching and mentoring

  • Succession planning

  • Stress management

  • Improve personal performance

disc assessment team training


When we discuss the diagram on your DISC report (Route Guide), the Coach would be able to help you to discover your Active, Instinctive, and Reactive styles. These styles help you to map out your path to every individual goal.

More tools connecting with the theory, the below is a teaser of MyCompass™ that just officially launched on March 26, 2021.

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