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The "MapsTell" - An Innovative DISC Tool


Mapstell creator Sebastiaan Rompa has worked for many years on cartographic issues, editing maps and atlases. He studied psychometry and the DISC model, a methodology that comes from Marston's theory, which divides the different styles of behaviour into four main ones: Decisive, people who are more at risk, who speak louder, clear and confident people; Influential, lively people, with long, smiling and very expressive explanations; Stable, people who speak at a lower volume, need their time to think things over, people who want to help and mediate so that everyone gets along; and Conscientious, there is little modulation in their voice, they speak more coldly and at a low volume, they are precise and compliant. Also, these four behaviours are divided into four in turn.

Rompa realised that there are many tests around this theory, but the result was always a long report and almost always confidential. Then it was suggested that if the person shared it in a natural way, it would be much easier to set up a safe environment to achieve a mutual understanding.

With all this, we offer workshops where we share the different personal maps obtained with our tool and we place the participants on a map, literally. Ultimately, it is not about analysing identity, but character, which is modifiable with changing habits.

DISC Assessment and Workshop

The first thing is to do an initial assessment. The participant answers about questions that take about 5-8 minutes. This assessment consists of ordering options according to the level of personal identification recognised and, in the end, the results displayed on the map can be automatically accessed. This is divided into three parts: the behaviour map, communication challenges or recommendations and how others see us.

The subsequent workshop serves to share the results and build a metaphor in which each one tells their journey through the map detecting emotions. The nice thing is to talk about your little piece of the map with the others: what is your capital, what cities are you visiting the least, what cities cost you more to visit, what seas surround you, etc. Actually, it is still a metaphor to talk about ourselves without realising it, it is a very easy way to share plans, actions and become aware of the world around us.

If You Are Committed To Innovative Approach....

The tool is aimed mainly at the Human Resources (HR) departments of companies. They have two options: request an external Certified trainer to deliver the workshop or request the material for their own team to develop. For the second option, we train the workers proposed by the company, usually from the HR department, and we provide them with the tools so that they can develop the workshop on their own.

DISC Maps is engaging with all types of companies and trainers that are committed to innovative methodologies and are concerned about the development of people. Leadership starts from knowing oneself well if we know ourselves better we are better people and better professionals.

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