Five-step Process To Discover Your Strengths

That’s a question we all want to know about ourselves. How aware are you of your strengths? Do you tend to focus on what you are not good at first? When I was at Secondary school, I discovered strengths I didn’t realise I had. My teacher invited me to represent our school at the School’s debating championship, I spent 10 months training with the team before that. After working together with the team and teacher for a few months, I was nominated to be the third speaker. I w

The "MapsTell" - An Innovative DISC Tool

THE MAPS-CAN-TELL Mapstell creator Sebastiaan Rompa has worked for many years on cartographic issues, editing maps and atlases. He studied psychometry and the DISC model, a methodology that comes from Marston's theory, which divides the different styles of behaviour into four main ones: Decisive, people who are more at risk, who speak louder, clear and confident people; Influential, lively people, with long, smiling and very expressive explanations; Stable, people who speak